Because Lebanon Deserves it

Because our Heart commands it

Over the past two years, HOME expanded our facilities and our services to meet the ever-growing need for healing wounds, aches, and spirits.

HOME continued to expand services at the Elpis clinic and serve more people in need.

Patients Served

From 512 patients per month served last year to more than 1,100 patients in 2022

210% increase


Procedures include minor surgeries, ultrasound, ECG, endoscopies and fibroscopy

67% Increase

New Physicians

New recruited health providers to reach a total of 30 professionals,

8 new physicians

Number of specialties increased

Growth in the number of specialties in the clinic
New: psychiatry, Hematology and oncology, nutrition

Hundreds of new patients to be served

2022 Expansion

New Radiology Suite Purchased & to be opened late 2022 or early 2023. Expanding ophthalmology clinic with OCT equipment

Hundreds of new patients to be served

2023: New section/

3rd Floor Expansion

Expanding the facility by purchasing a third floor to establish: 1) Cancer Suite 2) Maternity Suite 3) Cardiology suite and 4) Physical Therapy center

Hundreds of new patients to be served

Vision for the future

Our vision for the future is to address the growing needs especially of the most vulnerable groups of patients: the Mother and Child, the Cancer patients, and patients struggling with Mental illnesses.

  • Unit A: Mother & Child (OB GYN-pediatrics)
  • Unit B: Cardiovascular (Cardiac Echo, Holter, stress Test)
  • Unit C: Neurology & mental health (Neurophysiology, psychiatry& psychology)

Cancer outpatient suite: The added space will be dedicated to host an outpatient facility, where cancer patients can receive their ambulatory chemotherapy treatments, blood transfusions and intravenous antibiotics, avoiding the high cost of hospital admissions.

The Mother and Child suite: Will provide pre and postnatal services for women, as well as infant and childcare. Infants struggling with dehydration from the new endemic Cholera breakout will benefit from Intravenous perfusions and antibiotics, avoiding hospital admissions.

An additional space will be dedicated to host the Electrophysiology suite as well as a psychiatry and psychology clinic.

Cardiology suite: Patients with heart diseases and hypertension need continuous monitoring and follow up with diagnostic tests. To prevent serious morbidity and death, Echocardiograms and Stress tests can be performed at low cost and high efficiency at the HOME ambulatory center.

Physical Therapy is essential for a successful recovery after injuries and surgery. Many patients cannot afford the cost of visiting private facilities and end up with poor results and reduced capacities. Equipping and staffing a physical therapy suite at the HOME ambulatory center can a cornerstone in the management of post traumatic or post surgical patients. They will be able to resume a productive lifestyle and avoid dependency on others.